Monday, June 13, 2016

Say goodbye to pants

Welp, tomorrow I fly home. It was a pretty mellow 4 weeks aboard.
 I got up this morning and threw some laundry in the machine, which sits in the head outside the galley.
     Turns out, apparently our gray water line got a clog at some point, because 45 minutes later I opened the door to the head, and there was 2 inches of water on the deck. The laundry water ran back up through the shower drain and flooded the entire head.
    So, that sucked, and what also sucked was that the wet-dry vac chose this exact moment to shit the bed, so I got to wade in and use a series of mops and old towels to suck up the 15 gallons or so that got on deck. Once that was done, I got to play plumber with a borrowed snake.

 Anyhow, it all happened, and while it wasn't an ideal last day, it wasn't bad. Currently it looks like we've got a unicorn here- I may be able to crew change at our HQ dock. Best I not dwell on it, otherwise it won't happen.

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