Tuesday, May 14, 2013

NEW: Paul's Mexican/Brazilian Soap Opera Drinking Game

OK, here's one you can try at home. Just put on a Mexican or Brazilian soap opera "Novella" for 30 minutes, and open up a bottle of Bourbon, Whisky,, Tequila or Rum. Here are the rules:

1) Every time a woman cries, drink. Double if she is talking to her ex-husband.
2) Every time a man accidentally runs over his ex wife with whom he is still secretly in love, drink twice.
3) Every time a much younger man takes off his shirt in front of a MILF, drink.
4) Every time she loses the baby, drink. Drink twice if the father was actually her husband.
5) When the leading man tries to reconcile with his ex-wife, flip a coin. If you call the coin toss wrong, drink.
6a) When the helpful but angry-looking older woman tries to kill the younger woman who was looking for advice, drink.
6b) When the younger woman turns the tables and the older woman is handcuffed or is made to cry, drink.
7). When your latina wife gets really angry because you showed this to her, *Drink.*  Repeat until the temporary celibacy passes.

*Paul takes a pull from the bottle*

Noto Bene: If the player to your right no longer responds to verbal questions or the game lasts longer than 30 minutes, dial 911 and contact a poison control center.

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HT said...

Allrighty Then...Cool I will play right now!!!