Thursday, May 23, 2013


I'm pulling the 0000-0800 today, as we're loaded deep, but anchored out at Bay Ridge in NY waiting until tomorrow night to discharge.

    Had a lightning strike somewhere close by just before I went to bed yesterday. It was raining so hard that the deck containment filled up, despite the scuppers being open. There wasn't a whole lot of lightning, just the one blast that rattled the dishes in the cabinet. Fast forward a few hours and I get chased out of my bunk after a series of continuous thumps chases away a lovely dream themed around Sofia Vergara and I and a conveniently located jug of olive oil. Some dink is having a massive fireworks show in NY harbor, and it's going off over my head. I fail to enjoy the prime location, being out on the front stoop of the deckhouse in my skibs.

 Not the most restful night. But hey, here's stuff to look at. Pictures ain't mine, tonight.

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