Friday, May 31, 2013

A walk in New Yoowk.

My first few weeks on board every tour, I share space and decision-making with my co-captain. Together, we hammer out cargo plans and work VERY well together, considering the potential for ego-clashes and other forms of butthurt over who gets to commit thought to action when it comes to operating our floating pickle barrel. There's been little headache, as we work very, very well together. Tonight was a rare, rare thing: 2-3 times a year HAWSEPIPER's Afloat Global HQ/center for involuntary celibacy, we get to dock at our employer's NY HQ, and have the time to go ashore together. Tonight was one of those nights.
           We ended up going to see a movie. Not the most exciting night out, but it gave us the opportunity to walk through Brooklyn after dark, something that safety-conscious sailors often don't do. Well, we walked through a nice, upscale neighborhood to get to the not nice, downscale neighborhood we docked in, so the upscale part was a nice opportunity to see and poke fun at hipsters. Getting into the not-so-nice neigborhood, I felt very much the absence of the comforting weight of a nice heavy knife, seeing as I can't carry a handgun in New York because I'm not a criminal, and only criminals and politicians can carry guns here.

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