Saturday, March 16, 2013


Underway, bound for Gravesend anchorage, NY- (off of Coney Island, pretty much).  Workload is steady- not nonstop, but there's a cargo every day, or some sort of cargo evolution, anyhow, but rumors of a Sunday off tomorrow, so, weather permitting that equates to a 5-mile walk to church and the bookstore.

 Still freaking out about my wife being outside the country, but she called and said it's 100 degrees there in Brazil, and it smells "verrrry bad, like feets and cibola" (onions)- B.O., I guess, from the favela residents and vaqueros (cowboys) who mix with the locals in her city. Anyhow, it's about as unappetizing an ad for staying home as I've seen in a while, so I'm just as glad to be here passing under the Verrezano Narrows Bridge on this cold and rainy evening. My wife is homesick, which is ironic, I guess. I'm still successfully hiding the fact that I'm missing her terribly. This being the one left at home shit really sucks!

Oh well- here's something fun to look at:

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HT said...

Here's to hoping you get to chill tomorrow,but wandering around Crooklyn on St Pats Day might put your blood pressure into another time zone...Have a good day,and please don't get anything that's green from the boogerdega.