Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New blogs and stuff

My seabag is packed, and I'm waiting for a tugboat to come and get me. A couple of weeks at home will set me right as rain.

  I've got a couple of new blogs for you to check out too- I've been reading these for a few months, and I'm sometimes slow to update the blogroll, but here's what's good:

- is Aaron Clarey's blog- a thoughtful, clever and very thorough economist with real-world experience, Aaron isn't quite the same type of captain that you'd normally see linked here, but like a good maritime officer, you find yourself listening and nodding. Aaron's also a proponent of the Men Going Their Own Way movement- something I'm not part of but have heavy respect for.

      - is a good place to dive into the manosphere and see the growing Men's Rights movement at work. Whether you agree with it or not, the Red Pill room applies logic to situations where logic is often lacking.

       - is a clearinghouse of resources for men- this is where I got my eyes opened to the subtle and non-so-subtle backlash created by feminism when it gets out of control. This is a VERY thoughtful place to go and see how a supportive environment can help men be better fathers, husbands and adults.

 While I was writing I learned that I will have to wait 2 more hours for my ride to show up and get me ashore. Crapola.

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