Wednesday, March 6, 2013


All good things are going on here at HAWSEPIPER's floating global HQ/floating brothel.

   I've been here for a week this tour, and up until today it's been nonstop work... well, not nonstop, but consistently busy with no more than 8 hours between jobs. Humming along, I guess you could say. Today saw us get a break, which was appreciated and needed- time to lick our wounds, cook a real hot meal, get some groceries and perform the clerical ablutions necessary to keep a floating gas tank legal. Many trees gave their lives today so that our binders of licenses and certificates could bulge and be fruitful and currently dated, too.

        In the meanwhile, our Navy continues to dig up long-dead horses for beating purposes. Word is that the Holy Innocents are spending 1.4 billion on 4 more Littoral Combat ships- the aluminum ones that can't even make an 800-mile voyage without breaking down? Yeah, those ones. The abysmally-performing two prototypes were so expensive that I guess they want 4 more in order to hide the fact that they're so shoddily built that they can't actually be released into a fleet for independent service. Thank God it's 1988 and we still have a Cold War to justify building these abortions. Honestly, when is the last time we fought someone armed with any tech made after WWII?

 But that's all stuff truly outside my wheelhouse. Closer to home, I'm enjoying the hell out of the fact that our local gourmet grocery store reopened after months of renovation from Hurricane Sandy. I finally could get a decent baguette and some high-end olive oil so that we could have some real Hors d'oeuvres (Take THAT, spellcheck!) here on board, and now we're all full and later, probably incontinent, too.

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