Sunday, April 22, 2012

What I'm reading now.

Thanks to Larry Correia I've been introduced to Dan Wells, another author that you might not have heard of yet, but dammit, you will. I'm now an enthusiastic fan of both these authors, who fill VERY different but equally enjoyable niches in my reading tastes.

    Larry Correia (damn, it's finally easy to correctly spell Portuguese names. Trying to remember the 50+ last names of my wife's Brazilian cousins paid off) writes easy reading- his 'Monster Hunter' series is unadulterated fun reading for the action fiction crowd, with a wonderful dose of detailed legitimate gun tech for the discriminating second-amendment enthusiast like yours truly. Larry writes in the same genre as my friend and occasional drinking buddy Kevin Glennon, another writer addressing the important fact that vampires shouldn't sparkle and remind one of that kid in summer camp who kept asking people to play tummy sticks after lights-out.

 Also, and I swear this has nothing to do with the fact that I owe Kevin 3 pints of beer, you should absolutely buy his book "Vikings, Vampires and Mailmen" available HERE along with some fine swag. You can also find the US Vampire Service logo on the right hand side of the menu here on this blog and visit that way.

 Dan Wells  is the latest find in my search for escapist reading. His latest book "Partials" is a seriously thought-provoking modern dystopian (and you thought I didn't know big words!) novel. While I hate to couch an author's work in terms of another author's efforts, 'Partials' has flavors of "The Hunger Games" and "Children of Men' in there, but this is NOT a kids' book. Partials has the darkest Chapter 1 I've ever read. Your average teen would absolutely have bad dreams, videogame violence-attenuation or no.  I'm looking forward to "I am Not a Serial Killer" next, although I have some heavy lifting to do before that. It's time to reread the unabridged version of "Moby Dick" first. I'm still trying to pull every bit of the allegorical references out of that beast.

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AbbyK said...

If you're looking for another fun author, may I recommend A. Lee Martinez? Hysterical, fun reading, stand alone books, rather than series that drag on and on. I've borrowed all of my friend's books by this guy and now have to go out and get my own. Yes, he's that good. Great sci-fi/fantasy with a LOT of humor. If you look him up, I hope you enjoy! Also, if you've not dived in to Spider Robinson's Callahan's Cross-time Sallon, I'll recommend him too. Old school, but lots of fun!!