Sunday, April 1, 2012

I love New York?

As I start month 2 here in Philadelphia (really, month 2 1/2, but I went home for a few weeks there), I have become aware of how much I miss sailing out of New York. Aside from the constant sinus headache caused by the particulates here, the far longer commute, the unfamiliar and often standoffish coworkers, and the far more relaxed schedule, it's fine. New York comes with plenty of negatives, too I suppose, but they're MY negatives. I'm used to 'em.
        Truly, I wish I could sail out of Boston, but sadly, Boston's shipping industry is damn near non-extant, so I travel for work. I'm content to be working, but, all things being equal, I'll be content to hustling bunkers back in NYC when this contract is done.

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Ebb Tide said...

I understand what you're saying. New York is a great Harbor and an exciting place to work. There is always something moving or going on that makes each day memorable.