Monday, September 5, 2016

That's messed up

We're well on our way to Bizarro world here. Vladimir Putin is working hard trying to make the world safer for Christians who want to freely practice their faith without fear of persecution and execution.

 Barrack Obama is still gaslighting us.

 The United States Government oversaw a failed coup in Ukraine, and wants us to believe that Russia is eye-banging that giant dumpster fire of an economy. Russia is being polite about it, but can't even afford to build a fucking bridge that they need in the Crimea, to get to their ships stationed there.

 Oh, also, Poland. Remember them? The people who actually had to do the dying to expel communism back in the day? They're worried about excess immigration of people who hate them and want to see them dead. They had that already back in the day, were not impressed. Now they're the bad guys because this time the invaders can tan.

 Britain, our former colonial masters, freed themselves from an unelected foreign body who was overseeing them and denying them representation in self government. So President Obama wants to punish them by economic sanctions in lieu of  withdrawing Most Favored Nation status from them, our CLOSEST FUCKING ALLY IN THE WORLD.

 Israel... ah , Israel. Obama is not a fan of the Jews. Because they are Jews, not because Israel's interests don't always intersect with ours as a nation. I'm still scratching my head over that one. I mean, we see the difference, but who knows what it means? 

 It's like I went to bed, and woke up in Wonderland, but with significantly less boobs and free time than I'd hoped for.

 Anyways, it's deeply ironic that Trump and Putin seem to want peace between the US and Russia more than the current power-brokers do.  They might actually do well together. Both are alpha males, , care about sovereignty, deeply self-reverential to an extreme,  and while not particularly religious, mindful of the need for protection of the same. 



Rob said...

There is money to be made in conflict & the USA is a corporate owned nation. A corporation's purpose is to make money.

The last few elections both sides were corporate owned, this one may be different. May not too.

STxAR said...

Your Trump - Putin comparison is intriguing...