Sunday, September 25, 2016

it wsan't a goddamned book, you ass

Well, the Charlotte PD finally released more info today. As everyone expected already damn well knew, the dead career criminal was not carrying a book, he was illegally carrying a gun, which he apparently was slow to drop.

 Yet the dead fool's fool family are still insisting he was carrying a book, not a gun.

    That looks like a smaller book. Not well kept, but I think it's a 9mm edition.

 Did anyone else notice the ankle holster for that dead guy's book? He must be very literary-minded indeed. He certainly has a history of reading at the police, as his criminal record has borne out

"Scott had a long record, as confirmed by the Charlotte Observer, that included misdemeanor assault with a deadly weapon, which resulted in an April 2004 conviction in Mecklenberg County.
Other charges against him were dismissed, including felony assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, assault on a female, and communicating threats. In addition, Scott was charged in 1995 with assault with intent to kill.
Fast-forward to 2005 in Bexar County, Texas, where Scott was sentenced to 15 months in state prison for evading arrest in March and then in July he was given a consecutive sentence of up to seven years for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.
This is especially important to the case at hand because a source (who wished to remain anonymous) told CTN that in Feb. 2005, after police attempted to detain Scott for driving erratically, he shot at San Antonio police officers with a handgun. According to CTN, Scott had a history of drunk driving.
It is alleged that as officers approached Scott’s black Ford Sedan, he fired two rounds at police from the driver’s seat and then drove away, although he didn’t get far. Since neither officer was hit, they were able to chase Scott and apprehended him several blocks away.
The story didn’t end there either. At that point, Scott allegedly left the gun in the passenger seat as he attempted to get away on foot.  According to the source, Scott assaulted an officer by punching him in the face.
After several years behind bars, Scott was released in 2011 from Texas State Prison."


 Well, who can say, in the end, exactly what happened?  Time will tell I guess. Whatever else, the dead guy certainly won't be pointing books at the police anymore, as the police read their books at him pretty effectively.

 My own take on it is that the police have a shit job to do, and there's certainly been reason to accuse many of them for being trigger-happy. I hope that shooting unarmed people of all colors will continue to decrease with increased training and awareness, and that this will not come at a cost in lives to our policemen and women... still, it's the media who are driving the narrative now, and that only seems to be getting worse. Perhaps it is time to lean on them to do a better, more responsible job. Perhaps spend less time fawning over the storytelling by La'Genitalia and D'Areola when their precious Dindu Nuffin, (an aspiring rap artist who was just starting to turn his life around in between posing for photos as he points guns at the camera and puts them on Facebook) more time on giving it the weight it deserves against facts and investigation.

   You know what I wonder about? How is the cop who shot this guy doing? My understanding is that taking the life of another person is actually pretty fucking traumatic and horrifying in itself. Knowing that a bunch of assholes are rioting and destroying their own community because you had to choose between whether you die or the stranger with a gun in his hand does... that's pretty rugged stuff, right there. 

   Well, I haven't been afraid to talk about this stuff on Fecesbook this week, either, and I'm happy to report that it's cost me a couple of 'friends' on there... which actually brings up another point, too. 

     When talking about anything with a social, gender, or religious component, and one person holds a negative viewpoint, it's long been in practice for someone to shut down the back-hand-forth with cries of racism, bigotry, hate, classism, whatever. You know what I mean- the words that shut down any further discussion.  I'm not adept enough socially to be able to pinpoint the why of it, but have you noticed that after years of flinging shit, it's tending not to stick now? Me, I know I'm not racist. I occasionally am biased, and saddened when I become aware of it, but I tend to believe that most people ascribe class issues to race, and conflate the two. I've certainly had my moments and been ashamed of them, too, when called on it. 

 Well, at any rate, it's been a profitable week for the grievancemongers and  SJW's of Victim, Inc. Lots of death, destruction and lives forever changed, which is exactly what they like and want.

   For my part, I plan on learning from this shit show. I continue to hope to personally keep me and mine out of such troubles, and I urge anyone legally able to do so to carry a book, too, and learn how to read it properly and safely with professional instruction. God willing I'll never have to pull out my book and read to anyone else, but I do read regularly while at home, just in case, for the same reason I have a fire extinguisher in my kitchen. 

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