Monday, November 9, 2015

wheat and chaff

I got called twice on not being PC on Facebook today. There was much butthurt, and I responded in predictable fashion.

 There was a fellow mariner, who didn't like that I used the word 'retarded' in a post. I know that some people don't like it. Fuck them. So I responded  "Retarded. Ree-tah-did. Insert my Boston accent. No one puts baby in the corner! "

 Guy laughed at me, because he's normal.

   The other one, well, it was a female fellow alum, a friend from college. Leftist feminist, pretty much.    She posted an article about how Hillary Clinton is being unfairly demonized, blah blah blah.

 OK, granted, I occasionally troll this girl, who has been less and less tolerant of it, despite my efforts to keep my trolling light. But this morning I was a tad grumpy, so, since there was a big picture of Ms. Clinton's unsavory mug and a stupid gotcha headline, I just responded with 'would not bang.'

 And got unfriended, which, actually, was a good thing.

 People need to lighten the fuck up. Life's hard. Wear a fucking helmet if you need to. If a lighthearted jest about a political figure ruins your day, you must have an awesome life. My days get ruined by more concrete things- I have yet to go sulk in the corner because someone was mean when they talked about Ronald Reagan (PBUH).

 I wonder if my 20th college reunion would be worth going to for the lulz.


Rob said...

I've always wondered who wrote Reagan's script while he was President, we survived but by golly we spent some serious borrowed money! A line from "The Outlaw Jose Wales" comes to mind when I think of "trickle down economics", "Don't piss on my back and tell me it's raining".

Then again I was surprised that we survived the Clinton years and amazed that we did it well & did not borrow near as much.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least you didn't say anything in support of the red Starbucks cup.

Paul, Dammit! said...

No one gives a shit, except for retards on one side and people who want to feel superior on the other, anonymous friend.
I'll take a dump in a starbucks, but I'll be fucked in half sideways if I'll spend penny one in one. I don't need a side of politics and douchebaggery with my overpriced coffee and weird-ass food. Dunkin Donuts is cheaper and doesn't take 10 minutes in line, plus you don't have to use cutesy made up names and also arbitrary applied and idiomatically wrong Italian words for the size you want, instead of saying "medium hot coffee, regular." I don't want to go through a 5-minute speech and a 3-sentence title for a beverage.
I did try to order in a Starbucks, once, for my wife. It didn't go well. I walked out. I asked for a medium regular coffee. The effete manlet behind the counter asked my like 5 questions about the beans, the water, the cup and whatever, and couldn't handle my asking for coffee, in a cup, without going on about it's damn pedigree.

Anonymous said...

I remember when Carter was in office. We moved to a little farmstead on dad's police salary. Summer 1976. By the end of 79, almost a quarter of my farmer buddies had lost their farms due to 20%+ interest on credit. When Reagan was elected, they ran out of ballots in town. All those farmers who voted for Jimmah, couldn't wait to throw the bum out after 4 years of ruin. Just goes to show how stupid and foolish we've become. Wingnut got 8 years to trash our country.

When Reagan left 8 years later, the govt pulled in 100% more money per year from taxes than when he took office. I lived on 8-9K a year and life was bright. I understood that if you take money from the rich man, he won't invest it in his business. Working for a sole proprietor electrician, even I understood that confiscatory taxes got in the way of reinvestment. When oil collapsed, I was married, 2 kids, went back to college in 87. Left with a BS and only 6K school debt from a private college.

Of course, trickle down economics won't work..... But it did for me. When you take money from those who can afford to invest, you lose. A ton of investment money is from RETIREMENT ACCOUNTS and PENSIONS. And don't forget, Reagan had a democrat majority in both houses of congress his whole time there. A democrat never saw a tax or entitlement they didn't like. I'm surprised he did as well as he did.