Monday, January 26, 2015

Well, it's started. We're hunkered down at our lay berth, hopefully here to ride out the weather. High winds and a storm surge are forecast as well, so all mooring lines are doubled and the eyes dipped on the bollards. I suspect this is gonna suck when it comes to shovel time. Otherwise, we're snugged up in a decent spot, to windward of the nearest shore, so no fetch to give ma nature room to make  wind-blown chop. Other than maintaining a vigilant watch on our mooring lines, we're hunkered down and ready to close the watertight hatch on the quarters when it really kicks in.

   See you all on the other side! If you're in it, get out of it, and be safe, regardless...

...and if you have a moment, spare a thought for the docs, nurses, service industry folks and public safety peeps who have to be out in this shit for the sake of your well-being. If someone needs a couple thousand tons of oil to get their ship out of this weather today, I'll be one of them, but otherwise, it's time to do my first shoveling in a little bit. Not the last, I suspect.