Friday, January 23, 2015

the truth revealed

I've been trying to understand why I've been so soggy and hard to light the past few days. I can be short-tempered at work. Incompetence makes me apoplectic, regardless of whatever else happens, and many foreign-crewed ships employ short-bus seat warmers as crew just to fulfill manning requirements, so I do get worked up a lot. So I haven't been MORE short-tempered than usual, but I haven't been bouncing back quickly, which is my usual M.O. The other day Inappropriately Hot Foreign Wife asked me if I was having my period, so there's some bleed-through happening I guess.

 All the cool people went to the SHOT show this week. I missed out, and that's a shame. Instead, I'm sitting at a lay berth in Newark, NJ, waiting for a ship to come in and take the last of our oil from us, so that we can immediately go back and load more after. Oh, and it'll be snowing and sleeting here shortly.

 I guess I answered my own question.


 I'm also starting to push potential visitors to come down and spend some time in Heaven's Waiting Room, my new home. I've still got about 10 more days here before i go home, and no visitors this time, as we had one last time I was there, but I've got March and April covered, hopefully, between friends and family, so if we're friends or family in meatspace, and you're thinking about visiting, May would be lovely. After that, it gets a little warm down there. Bring bourbon.
Red wine for meat, white for fish or chicken, blue for tasty vomit when it comes back up. 


The Union of Unemployable "Scientists" has again moved the doomsday clock two minutes closer to midnight. Those fuckheads have been doing that on a regular basis for 40 fucking years, and we're still not there. Where the fuck did they start from? Also, in 40 years, no one still has managed to give a shit. So... situation normal.

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