Thursday, June 26, 2014

channel fever!

This is an odd feeling, being homesick for a place that wasn't yet home when I came in to work last time.

 Less than a week to go in this tour. I've got something like 22 days on board, and 6 to go.

        Now, with a new home 1,500 miles from friends and family, I've got to get back to be with my wife and kid. They need me home more than ever. No social safety net now.

 What happened? Just 6 months ago I was working 10 weeks on/1 off, or 5 weeks on/ 1 off. Now I'm struggling to do my standard 4 weeks on/2 off, and it feels nice, in a way, to be dying to race home.

...and a race it is, this time. You see, I left my beloved giant truck at my mom's house in Boston, and when I get off here, in NY, I have to take the train to mom's, catch a nap, and drive that beast singlehanded down to south Florida.

 And that's another thing... my truck? Really out of place in Heaven's Waiting Room. I don't need 4 wheel drive anymore, and I don't need to carry fishing gear beyond a rod and reel... so the truck is not going to be staying.

 Now, fact is that we've got the Mommobile down there, a nice Honda crossover, which can carry some stuff, and cart our collective asses between A and B in comfort and modest style. BUT, this is what I want to replace the truck with:

...a little ostentatious for me, but then again, it's not really for me. I'm still only home part-time. Without the need to drive 30 minutes to go see my mom and old friends, do I really need that?

 My wife, who has recently discovered within herself the voice of reason, says we don't need a 2nd car. I'm pretty sure this is what she has in mind for me.

Pictured: not the same, honey. Not the same at all. :(
Still, next week it looks like I'm driving solo from Boston to South FL, right before July 4, so traffic should be delicious the entire way down the Eastern seaboard. I'm pretty sure that by the end of that, I'll hate driving enough to stomach giving away my truck.


Borepatch said...

Motorcycle. Think of the mileage you'll get.

Bryn, Isle of Anglesey said...

Would have been two suggestions, but Borepatch got there 1st with No.1..... Florida weather on a bike - yes please!

No.2 - Sell the truck up North where there is possibly a better market for it, if it is really so out of place in Florida?