Friday, June 6, 2014

Back on it

Goddam it's been a busy 2 weeks. I packed up the little box we lived in- just barely shoehorned it into a truck, and I'm not kidding, it was a tight fit- it took 10 minutes to close the door on the truck box. I am now the world champion Tetris player for having done it, too. Buy yeah, we made it, and drove from the Boston area to south FL, which is where my new home, Heaven's Waiting Area, is.

 Average age of my neighbors is about 65 and holy smokes it's gorgeous there. I hated to leave this morning, but leave I did, to fly up to NY and return to Hawsepiper's Afloat Global HQ/Penitentiary for the Involuntarily Celibate is.

 Had some adventure along the way. Got to see one of my oldest friends from childhood when we passed through Savannah, GA, and our kids hit it off immediately, ignoring us for the rest of the night. Great to see. I swear it rained on us from NJ to FL, but we didn't get more than 2 minutes of rain once we got to our destination. Surprising for this time of year.
     Unloading the box truck was a hell of a lot easier than loading it was, too. Took me 2 days to load the thing, about 3-4 hours to unload it. I had help, of course, but did plenty of heavy lifting, and paid for it in backaches and smashed digits. My older brother was a huge help in all ways between driving and lifting... and cooking and babysitting and cheerleading. Great to spend so much time with family.

Lagaticia- our resident patio lizard on bug detail.

The New 'Hood. 

Heaven's Waiting Area is a work in progress, and we made amazing inroads in just a few days.  I was able to take an hour off with my boy and nephew to do a little fishing in my backyard pond, and caught a largemouth despite it being mid-day. Not bad, considering I was standing on my lawn at the time!

 Pictures when I have them. Still unpacking my stuff here, too.

           I returned to work a few days late, enjoyed some of the worst piloting ever in the flight to NY. I've never had the plane hit the runway hard enough to cause a backache until now, but by the time we actually touched down, I was still grateful. Everyone knows the difference between turbulence and a shitty driver, and this was the latter. Still, I'm content enough to be here, though I wish I were home.

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Congrats on the move :)