Thursday, February 27, 2014

So, I'm supposed to be home right now, but instead, what with an impending move coming up, I'm working over, again... this time I'm on a clean oil barge for a few days. We loaded in Bayonne NJ and headed up the frozen Hudson river to Newburgh NY.

 And baby, there's some ice up here. We had to whipsaw back and forth at the dock for an hour to narrow the ice band that was keeping us from getting next to the dock. Best we could do after about 60 minutes was to get within about 3 feet. So that happened, but it being 1am, no pictures. More later.


jon spencer said...

From Boatnerd, you could be doing this.
"The tanker Algocanada, headed for Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. carrying fuel oil, traveled from the St. Clair river to DeTour, Mich., (approximately 220 miles) on Feb. 25. On the 26th Algocanada and escort USCGC Katmai Bay reached Lime Island, where both vessels spent the night. On Feb. 26, the cutter worked the areas around the tanker, with both getting underway about 3 p.m. They reached Lake Munuscong by nightfall (around eight miles) and spent the night. With frigid temperatures continuing, they have another 25 miles to go to reach their destination."

jon spencer said...

A follow up from the March 1st. boatnerd,
"The tanker Algocanada and the USCG cutter Katmai Bay remained stuck in the lower St. Mary River Friday. Friday night the pair was stopped below Neebish Island in Mud Lake. They may be waiting for additional icebreakers to continue the trip to the Canadian Soo."