Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Deep thoughts

Tonight's meditation:

10  Words or phrases you never, ever want to hear on an isolated tank vessel:

1) Fire
2) We should have a union
3)Wicked case of the hot farts
4) Whoops
5) R.O.B.
6) vetting
7) spill
8) Bad news: I...
9) if this is toothpaste, where's my Preparation H?
10)Sweatpants boner


Anonymous said...


Paul, Dammit! said...

Remainder On Board... when the ship can't or won't take all the oil they ordered... which means that someone has to either pay for it to be returned, or another ship that wants the same oil type has to take it, which requires that we take on more, blend it with the now-cooling oil of the R.O.B., and hope that it doesn't turn to sludge on the bottom of our tanks... in the meanwhile, we can't use those tanks for other work until that product is gone, which means that we lose potential jobs until either the ship pays for the return, or another job is found.

bowsprite said...

11. ice plug in the gray water overboard discharge