Wednesday, February 20, 2013

SERENITY NOW! (special edition)

So I'm still on board, and still at work. Today is Crew Change Day.

 Funny how that works... I was feeling pretty content, knowing that because we're anchored in New England's armpit (New Haven, CT), I'll have to take a launch ashore, then a car service will take us from New Haven to Philadelphia, a 4+hr ride through NY rush hour traffic. After that, I'll get in my truck and drive the 6 hours it will take to get to Boston. Home during the overnight, the good Lord willing an' the creek don't rise.

 I knew it would take time to get our relief crew here. It's 1400, and I'm ready to go. They're in town, at a grocery store, so I should be gone in another hour or so... and I was so proud of myself and how calm I have felt today. First full week off in 10+ weeks and all that, but not any more. Now it's 5 days. Crap. My wa, the Japanese aura of peace and tranquility within one, is disturbed. Channel fever has struck, and in the last hour I've degraded from feeling like someone turned a chair 45 degrees specifically to fuck with my feng shui to downright pre-menstrual. I'm ready to go.

So here's some nice pics I've stolen to have good things to look at.

  Sometimes, working on a boat is like hitting yourself in the head repeatedly with a hammer... it feels so good to stop.


HT said...

Nice photos Paul, enjoy your time off (and peace & quite).

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul, if you haven't seen this, I think you'd find it of interest: