Tuesday, February 26, 2013

coming soon to a harbor near you... or not.

Well, truck is packed with grub and dinner's in the oven. I only got to stay home for about 6 days, but they were a busy and nice 6 days. I can't remember a time when Inappropriately Hot Foreign Wife and I spent so much time running around on errands together in such a short while.
 Speaking of, while I was cutting steaks off a slab of beef and wrapping them for travel, she was screaming and gesturing wildly at/on the phone. Quite alarming. I couldn't understand it, as she talks way to fast when talking in her language to another native speaker, but she sounded furious, and I was getting ready to intervene...and then I hear her laugh and say "OK, mom, I have to go. Love you," into the phone.

 Guess I have to work on my language lessons.

   In the meanwhile, I have to go enjoy some family time for a few hours until it's time to go. I'm driving down to NYC to meet up and get busy back on board for another 4 weeks of good clean fun.


Anonymous said...

Once you're back on board, you might want to read this opinion from the 9th Cir. court of appeals. It discusses piracy:


HT said...

How is the new truck Paul?

Paul, Dammit! said...

HT- expensive, mostly!