Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Onslaught

I wrote a longish, rambling post about the annoying prick who gave me a Letter of Protest yesterday during a bunker transfer, but ended up deleting it after the rage subsided.
For the most part, getting a Letter of Protest happens because either we screwed up legitimately, or the Chief engineer or captain of a ship wants to play CYA or is angry that I woulndn't bend or break the law for them.
Normally, I don't worry when a ship gives me a ridiculous Letter of Protest. I've gotten one because the Chief engineer on one ship was angry that he didn't get the top copy of a form that came with multiple-color carbon copies. Dude was mad that he got a blue paper instead of white.
Yesterday's letter was almost on par with that last one. Today I got phone calls from concerned parties (which never happens in the case of BS letters) shoreside, who were obviously worried that I failed to wake up with a headache, and felt the need to ensure that I be properly discomfited.


TheLordThyGod said...

Dude, I go through similar shit at my job, only the schmucks who object to my modestly flawless efforts work at the unwiped-anus-of-an-organization known as Cranes & Derricks.

May those soulless sodomites burn for their crimes.

eastriver said...

Welcome back to 'Murica!