Friday, July 1, 2011

at the tail end

Coming into the last few days of this voyage, and it looks as though we're starting the last cargo load of the trip, which is a pleasant thought. I'll be bailing this weekend and heading home to mothball the Ant Farm for the B family's impending voyage.
For however many hundred thousand sea miles I've sailed, I've never crossed the equator. In less than a week, I'll be around 15 degrees south, and sadly, my first crossing of the line won't include a line crossing ceremony as I won't be doing so by sea, but rather by air. I figure that, in the spirit of tradition, however, I'll punish my liver heavily to mark the date, using materials at hand.

Anyhow, the last weeks here at work have been notable for their lack of notoriety. With next week's vacation, I've been preparing for our travels by practicing the art of not ogling, especially in regards to Fio Dental, ('dental floss'), the Brazilian bikini. Therefore, I present to you some more glimpses of what's what where I'm going.

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dB said...

Don't forget the Haribo gummy worm.