Thursday, July 21, 2011

more pictures from Brazil

Salvador is famed for having 360 churches- some of which practice a disturbing combination of Catholicism and Candomble, a religion based on a combination of Christianity and African deity worship.

The Miracle room at Sao Bonfim ('Saint of the good death'). Apparently you buy a wax limb and pray that yours heals well. When it does, you hang it up on the wall and make tourists like me extremely uncomfortable.

Inappropriately Hot Foreign Wife, at ease. After 12 years in the US, she would speak to me in Portuguese, then speak to everyone else in English, confusing all.

My ass fits in the plane seats, but my shoulders not so much. Great way to get the stewardess' attention, anyhow.

Lighthouse at Praiya Forte, a beautiful beach.

View from my room. Not bad.

The waitress at the hotel bar was so friendly she bought my wife a traditional headscarf, since my wife, who is from this region (Bahia), shouldn't be travelling the world without representin'

This is the equivalent of Wollaston beach back home- not somewhere you'd go to swim, but nice to hang out.

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