Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Home. And then home again.

 So, I went home about a week ago, and arrived to the car loaded and ready to roll out on the next morning.   It being our anniversary, Inappropriately Hot Foreign Wife and I rented a cabin in the Blue Ridge mountains, about 10 miles from the nearest store, and shared a mountain with just 3 neighbors for a few days. I have never been so truly isolated. 

 It was amazing. If you can swing it, go. The 800-mile drive was not as bad as I thought at all. 13 hours, including a stop for a sit-down meal and the odd pee break/gas, etc. My only regret is that I just rented the place for the long weekend. Gotta stay a full week next time!

 Well, today is my first 'real' day at home. Time to get to business, get the house in order. 

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RustyGunner said...

I hear you about the isolation. I spent a week once at a friend’s place in the Idaho mountains that at that time had no radio or TV reception, no phone service (the locals all used CB radios in the valley), no newspaper delivery and the mail came once a week. Even on a tiny island in the Pacific I was more in touch with the world.