Monday, February 15, 2021

The ass kicking continues

 Well, we're still running around like a bunch of one-armed paperhangers here at the HQ. 

   We're on pace for a record number of individual cargo discharges in a 2 week period, but that number is now in danger. In busy times, there is always a bottleneck for loading oil, courtesy of the largest terminal in the area, a place so notorious for causing delays that the name of the facility, which is an acronym, is commonly referred to by an alternate acronym referencing that they make people miss today's tide.... 

 And sure as shit, we missed today's tide, because while quieter terminals generally start loading us about 10 minutes after we sign papers, the place in we are at today generally makes you wait between 90 minutes and 8 hours, with an average of about 3 hours delay.  So it goes. 

    Now, the upside to missing this tide is that I've been getting my ass kicked, and I'm frigging beat but I'm also behind on paperwork, and we even had an engineer sent over with parts to fix my potable water pump, which was acting up, so now we have drinking water in ample supply again. 

   I'm about ready for a watch off, but I don't see even the potential for a light day until the weekend. 

 Big positive- we loaded heavily today, and with a hot product, which is melting ice on deck. 

Big negative- another storm is coming in this afternoon, right around when we'll start pumping this stuff off and cooling off the deck again. 

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