Friday, February 12, 2021

everything's fine

 Damn, it's busy. I don't know how other maritime companies are doing, but we're running hard here. LOTS of cargo, lots of movements. It's busy enough that we had to hatch a conspiracy and I had to forego sleep for a day so we could stop for 2 hours to get food. So, although there's nary a sight of a free day, we've got food, heat and caffeine, so we're attacking the days as we can. 

 The weather? It's really awful. Snowstorms every 2-3 days, ice everywhere, and pretty damn chilly when it's not snowing. as I enter my 2nd week aboard and my partner E enters week 4, we're both awful sore from slipping and sliding everywhere, shoveling, and trying to stay upright in said icy conditions. Slipping and catching yourself from falling hurts when you start to get older. That's something I know now. 

      So, yeah, it's been balls to the wall here at the HQ. And the weather is bad. We ache. As sailors, this is fine. We're like seagulls. We eat, we shit, we squawk. I don't know that we'll beat December's record number of jobs, but we're doing well. 

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