Saturday, September 14, 2019

making stuff

With just a few days to go before heading back to the HQ, today was my last day of goofing off in my shop. Next time I go in there, I'll be tidying up in preparation for heading back to work.

 I didn't buy much new wood this time, and in fact I cut down or used a a good bit of my cutoffs, stock that doesn't have much use. I made a couple of charcuterie boards

 And also a wooden flag made up of the last of my 1x2 castoffs.

 Carving those 50 stars was a royal whore for me, and I don't love the waving lines, but I wanted to try freehand carving with a dremel tool, rather than picking at it with a chisel, which, given the low-quality of the soft pine, wouldn't have worked out. Still, it was a fun project, and the boards were a good lesson on what my bandsaw can and can't do- I snapped 2 blades putting too much lateral force on the work, and since I'm working with walnut and rock maple, it's just too much for my little bandsaw. Luckily, the dings weren't too bad, and some superglue loaded with sawdust hid the scuffmarks pretty good in the joins.


Beans said...

Your band-saw may have blade supports that move close to the work surface to support the blade against lateral stress. Either built in or as an add-on. Looks like a series of bearings (because they are, bearings that is) that surround the blade or are two metal pieces at an angle that provide support.

Check out the manual or check out accessories for your saw. There should be something adjustable for height and for blade dimensions that will give yous support for the blade.

Heath J said...

Nice looking projects!