Sunday, March 24, 2019

Better than a glass of whisky

Oh, man, I've been watching antique tool restoration videos on Youtube this past week here and there. It's like the ultimate cool-down period before bed. Like 20-30 minutes, and I'm so relaxed and mellow, yet not bored in the least.

 I made the mistake of watching one with my lunch today, mid-watch, and never recovered. Is this what being hypnotized feels like?

 Well, either way, it's Sunday At Sea, which means that if there's no work, there's no working. Just a tidying up after breakfast, then a shower and shave, followed up by my book (bible, it being Sunday) and some videos on Youtube. Bloody marvelous way to pass a morning. 

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Beans said...

Besides antique tool restoration, I like this guy's website, where he details exactly how he repairs old tools, and what he's screwed up, and how he fixed it and...

Not videos, just read and look at pretty pictures.

Oh, he also does a pretty funny paintball-associated webcomic...