Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Thaw, for values of thaw

Well, today's our warm day, and a 6-hour window allowed me to get ashore to get groceries, and for one of our mechanics to make some quick repairs on some cold-related broken shit here on board. So while we're still not operating at 100%, the equipment that IS working should hopefully continue to do so. Tonight a nor'easter will hit us either a glancing or modest strike, and we'll get some snow, but worse, we'll get wind and even more cold than before, which will make the next few days challenging, for sure.

   After loading some oil this afternoon, we'll be bunkering one of my favorite little ships, a beautiful little con/ro ship called the Oleander, seen here (Photo courtesy of Bernews)

She's rumored to be a wonderfully stable ship, and at almost 30 years old, obviously supremely well cared for. Her replacement is being built now, so her days are almost done.

We'll be fueling this ship, which is about the same size as the HQ, during the overnight in a snowstorm with high winds forecast. This winter really got into gear fast.

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