Wednesday, June 21, 2017

...on a dime

Holy dogshit, I'm beat.

      I'm back on the HQ. It's glorious. She was in yardbird hands and then destined to be laid up, but a change in plans sent me to her 4 hours before a job was scheduled. She's still ugly and verklempt  but I was under the impression that I wouldn't see the HQ again, and the new barge was tough. Crazy small and uncomfortable... but whatever, I'm BACK!  At least for now. Bunkering got busy again.

 So it's been nonstop work for a few days. Long days on the little beater barge I was on, then a surprise shift over here. The quarters were trashed, but they're coming along, and we're already making money for daddy. Some Dbags took a 5-finger shopping trip and I'm missing some tools and rope and such, but that's par for the shipyard. ANyhow, It's been a couple of 16+ hour days in a row, so I'll keep it short. My crew is still on the old barge, so I've had fill-in guys who didn't really know the business. Can't sleep like that, but I got a good guy on here for a few days, and I'll sleep the sleep of the comfortable.

   There's a Brazilian expression that translates to "My bed hugs me" to describe when you're bone tired and terribly sore, and the bed feels like a dopamine shot directly to the pleasure center of the brain... you know that feeling? Most of us have that feeling maybe once every 5 years... last night was my turn, when I got into my soft, clean bed in my own quarters, and could sleep without earplugs in.

 It was funny, my boss was apologetic that I had no time to fire up the gens,  test the pumps, and get the AC running, put away my groceries and start clearing the deck for work. It's still shamefully untidy, but better. I'm getting there. My back and shoulders are miserable, but damn if I'm not whistling while I work. Good to be back at the HQ.

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