Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Erection day

Damn, I should have saved that title for a post when I put up the Brazilian girls.

         Today is election day. I voted before I went back to work. Inappropriately Hot Foreign Wife voted this morning. As it happens, we voted for the same folks this time. Isn't always the case.

       Tomorrow we'll either have a frission of energy and a big question mark as to what the future holds, or it'll be time to call down for Final Protective Fire, (put wonderfully eloquently here)

All the arguments have been made. I am under no illusions about whether America will be made great again. Now that so many people are so aware, simply hanging on a little longer at this point would help. I am under no illusions that the election may be stolen, I want to make sure they have to steal it. I am under no illusions that the electoral college may be rigged, I want to make sure they have to rig it. I don’t want them to just have it handed to them. None of us know what a Trump administration will be, or will do, but we’ve already seen a Clinton presidency. We already know the rot and corruption and indescribable evil up front, instead of it being hidden in Little Rock. Satanic isn’t even the right word, it isn’t strong enough. When the next incarnation of the undead Reno roasts more children alive in their mothers’ arms, that evil will not have had my help doing so by giving it a pass. At least this time I won’t have Marine captain’s bars on my collar, making me vomit when I see them in the mirror.

 Whatever happens, it'll be a watershed moment. I'll know a lot more about my place in this society. I suppose I haven't thought much about it before. I know who I am, and that my core values are not represented by anyone currently in Washington. When Ben Carson makes a baby with Ronald Reagan and Bobby Jindal's DNA, I'll take greater interest.
      Well, anyone who thinks that this is an opportunity for reconciliation is a fool. Today is a big fork. Either I will be in the in-group for once, and perhaps able add my voice to those who want to stop from driving off a cliff, or I will be in the out-group, in which case I will accept the vox populi and reassess my strategy for dealing with the world as it is. 
     One thing I never got is all the scare tactics. We've come a long way as a society in terms of the gains we've made to improve life for all citizens. Even if we voted Lyndon LaRouche in, it wouldn't undo the best of the protections that have been emplaced for the most vulnerable among us. We're not going to be going backwards, not where we made true equitable progress.  We're electing a president, not a priest-king. Maybe, if we're lucky, some of the ridiculous laws and corrupt actions that raise deviant and immoral practices to near-sacramental status can be dialed back. God willing. 

 Well, see you tomorrow. Sun's still gonna rise at the predicted time. 

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