Monday, May 23, 2016

the best laid plans

With no orders currently, sitting at anchor overnight, somewhere around sunrise I woke up, briefly, and thought I might do some needle gunning ater breakfast,  break up rust on deck here and there, something I used to do for hours and days and weeks at a time when I was first going to sea.
 I'm currently waiting for my back to stop being sore. Slept on it wrong, and it's cranky. 

 A needle gun is a cylindrical air tool, about 18 inches long, with 18 or 24 long steel needles sticking out of one end. Pushing the trigger while connected to an air hose makes the needles vibrate about 3/8 of an inch back and forth, hundreds of times a second, and the vibration and impact of this causes any rust and paint to fly off the steel underneath. It's incredibly loud, and also very dirty work. After a quick buffing with a grinder, the spots are treated with an acid bath, then rinsed off a few hours later and repainted.

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