Sunday, May 29, 2016


Well, summer's here. It went from low 70's to high 80's in just one day. I'm sweating like a whore in church for now. I don't mind the heat at home- I can have a beer or go inside if the heat bothers me. At work, work gotta get done. So it goes.

 I don't really mind- I don't love adult diaper rash season at work, but I like it a lot more than 5 degrees outside and blowing 35.

                The weekend has been slow for us- we've got a busy first half of the week coming up, but the weekend has been clear, so painting and needle gunning is happening, as well as daily walks after the sun goes down.

 It's been a good weekend to be me, for sure.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, great. As if the dust generated by the needle guns wasn't enough, now you have a nice layer of sweat for it to stick to. Reminds me of being ship's company on CV-67 in the Portsmouth yards in '89. I reported aboard the day she arrived from a Med cruise, & a couple of weeks later we headed for the yards.
I loved that ship, but it took awhile. Not the best introduction.
--Tennessee Budd