Wednesday, January 13, 2016

downright nautical out

Well,I've never been truly bothered by the cold, but it was still a shock to get back to work. Wake up, it was 68 degrees at 4 am, then by noon I'm standing at the curb 1,500 miles to the north and it's 32, and 8 hours later I'm out on deck, and it's 28 degrees out and blowing 40 knots while we're pumping off cargo.

         Lots of flying spray, and we're getting two tugboats to escort us around NY, as we're getting pinned against some docks by the wind. It's just starting to die down some now.

    I fell back into the routine pretty quick this time. January is one of out busiest months out of the year, and we're working hard, right out of the gate. With blustery weather the norm for the next 8-10 weeks, we're well set up for this, but it's still not always fun. So it goes.

I'm catching up on news and such, and rather wishing I hadn't. Shit's still fucked up. I need more guns. My first couple of days, I mostly focus on getting into the rhythm and seeing what needs doing here on the HQ over the next month or so while I'm here. I'm certainly looking forward to not being here as soon as possible, but while I am here, I'm content enough. The early days, I've built up a fine store of patience and peace which will erode over the days and weeks ahead, and I'll be back to being a foul-mouthed a-hole shortly.

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