Friday, September 11, 2015

Wild times

So after a pretty stressful time at home, on my last weekend before heading back to work, we celebrated Inappropriately Hot Foreign Wife's birthday at a 5-star hotel in Miami... and proved thoroughly that we're getting old.

 After about 10 days of averaging 3-5 hours of sleep a night, we got to the hotel, were amazed (place was POSH), and cleaned up, getting ready to go to South Beach to an exclusive club where I made diner reservations (if it matters, this place charges you $75  just to get a table for dinner, and if you want to keep it past 8pm, it's an additional $250, and $350 on weekends.

 Well, waiting for the taxi, we both dozed off. When I woke up to the phone call from the concierge, I realized neither of us really wanted to deal with the traffic and sea of humanity that is a Friday night on South beach.

 So we stayed in. Our room had a beautiful view, and the eclectic asian restaurant at the hotel was also highl rated, so we spent the night on the grounds and never left. We also slept for 9 hours and had breakfast in bed the next day before heading home. So a potentially exciting night out became a night to enjoy each others company and get sloshed on scotch, champagne and wine.

 Oh, and I had a $36 cigar. No shit, the bastards charged me $36 for what I assumed was going to be a mind-blowing cigar that I could enjoy on the balcony for a good long while. Instead what I got was a nice cigar that was about the size of a $0.99 Philly Blunt and burnt up in under 10 minutes.

 It actually was  a nice cigar. But turns out quantity has a quality all its' own, and I'll stick to the $10 torpedo that I usually buy, which is about the size of the baseball bat handle I used to use as a persuader in the parking lot of the bar I used to bounce at in college.


Peter said...

Sir, you have a beautiful wife. Congratulations!

COPER said...

The right choice,quiet times are always the best.