Monday, August 3, 2015

right in the feels

So, my last post hurt some poor delicate flower's little fee-fees enough that they were inspired to write a comment goofing on my disdain for the girlish husbands of Brooklyn.

 "Of course, the wimpy husbands will spend the night with the women with bad haircuts (guess where the kids came from). While macho boy goes to bed with miss Rosey Palm, once again."

 I suspect that was a guy who commented, also. Maybe a troll, maybe serious. Doesn't matter much, and it's funny either way. It inspired me to try to describe why I felt an instinctual revulsion for what I saw.

      I like seeing fathers interact with their kids. I think that's the best thing in the world for both fathers and kids, so I hesitated to goof on seeing couples together with their families. 2-parent households are increasingly rare, so it wasn't like I blindly ignored that I was looking at something positive.

 It's the guys that made me sad. The women, simply by being unfeminine, some of them, gave off an aura of masculinity that eclipsed that of their men. And that's not good for the men.

 Masculinity as it is known and quietly prized by everyone (when no one is looking, anyhow) is on the wane, and this is bad. To describe what I saw, picture two post-menopausal women, one with a haircut like Moe from the three stooges, and the other with a patchy beard that looks like the ass of a dog with mange. Moe-hair is the woman, the dog's ass is a guy, but you have to get within about 10 feet of them to really see which is which, and it turns out they're both in their mid-30's, not mid 50's.

 Anyhow, there's an awful lot of that on my preferred walking route.

   So someone got hurt by my comments, and tried to goof on me for being celibate at work (not much choice, but hey I get paid well), and being macho but not being able to go home to a Moe-haired post-menopausal-looking woman who has broader shoulders and more upper-body-mass than I do.

 If that's my commenters' idea of a good time, they're welcome to it, and I'm happy to wait extended periods to go home to Inappropriately Hot Foreign Wife, who has never been mistaken for a small ugly dude.

 But poor choice as to where to make a stand, anonymous newfriend. Trying to make me ashamed by goofing on my for being masculine and for not having access to pussy that, frankly, no masculine man would want?  Nah, that's a poor place to try to goof on me. Aside from attempting to denying me agency by calling me 'macho boy' , it also speaks to anon's view of woman as being valuable only as a sex object, which is also shitty.

 Anyhow, this is exactly the sort of comment that would be left by one of the poor pricks I was writing about. Guys who don't know enough about masculine dignity to be ashamed to have a hissy fit, and try to crab-basket a man they disagree with, which is exactly how women argue by proxy. It say to me that I am right to acknowledge an instinctive distaste for such a person. Make fun of me for not being able to get laid, absolutely, but to try to goof on me for being happily a guy? That's pathetic.

 Of course, if it was a woman who fits the model, well, the comment fits the model too. Which makes me very happy I married a woman from 6,000 miles south of Brooklyn, even if I won't see her for another 3 weeks.


Stackz O Magz said...

Feelings? Who the fuck issued those? Betas, some Deltas, Gammas, Omegas, will never understand that masculinity comes from the DNA and most Alphas and Sigmas can smell their bullshit a mile a way. They all look up to us, but instead of just fucking accepting they'll always be second and third tier effeminate losers who let their females run their asses like a game of pick up hoops, they resort at attempts to get in our bubble of manliness via smart ass comments that reflect just how shitty their little female led lives are. I'm Stackz, fuck your feelings little pajama boys, and Paul is the SHIT. That is all.

Paul, Dammit! said...

Damn. Amen, brother!

Tower Todd said...

Fucking hipsters. The PNW is overrun with them.

Tower Todd said...

Fucking hipsters. The PNW is overrun with them.

Tower Todd said...
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HT said...

Ohh Boy, how many days you have left Paul? LOL...thats some analogy.Enjoyed this post,damn I hope you dont have to connect to the QE 2 today. Now that post would be funny!!!