Monday, July 27, 2015

Dear Paypal: eat a dick.

Well, after getting to be Pimp For A Day over the weekend, reality sets in with a vengeance.

      My wife's car has a warranty about to expire, so I turned the car in bright and early this morning. I fly out tomorrow, so it's not ideal timing-wise, but it has to be done.

 Yeah, it needs some work. The $2000 I spent on the extended warranty does not cover brakes, tires and a new catalytic converter, which will, in fact, run me about $2000.  So that really sucks.

 Minutes after that, I get an email from my bank that my account is overdrawn. It seems someone hacked into my paypal account, and no one picked up that I wouldn't request a whole shitpot of money be transferred, you know, about 10x more than I've ever asked, so suddenly my ass is broke.

 Oh, and Paypal's response: Yep, we had an intrusion. Change your password and call your bank to fix it.

So that's their idea of customer service, and thus, not only do I suggest they EAT A DICK sideways, I'd also like to award them extra for absolutely punting when it comes to not taking my fucking money.  So rather than tell them to just eat two dicks for a double delight, I'd like to award them this:

PAYPAL: Hawsepiper's summer 2015 recipient of the Golden Douchebag Award

    Now, having said that, I've requested Bank of America also eat a dick several times in the past, most notably when they stranded my wife and son in the mountains of a remote village in Brazil because they shut down her card for being in a remote village in Brazil after we told them she would be in a remote village in Brazil. So I got on the hook for 3 weeks of hotel bills and airfare to the tune of about $10,000 for that, but eventually they did actually credit some of that back to me.

 Well, today Bank of America did pretty damn well, after I called in a panic. Where in the past it took days for fraudulently taken money to get credited back in my account, they did it in a matter of an hour. So mad props to Bank of  America for doing what they should have been doing all along.

 Anyhow, my last day at home is NOT the tranquil day of eating well, packing, and spending time with my loved ones that I wanted, at least not so far, but it looks like it could have been worse.

 Still, hell of a vacation.


Dave said...

Gave up on big banks in 2008

Check out Credit Unions - switched over to one of these and very happy. They have real security. They are not able to offer an "investment and management" group and that is very much a good thing. I am happy with Vanguard (an independent investment company).

Also, American Express has been really good to me for traveling. A phone call about an upcoming trip gets logged. The two times I had other problems, these went away.

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