Monday, June 15, 2015

turning the corner

With just a few more watches to go before i return to HAWSEPIPER's Afloat Global HQ/house of refuge, I'm starting to dig deep to keep my spirits up.

 You know that feeling when you're frustrated because others don't keep their work up to the same degree you do?  I got that today. Nothing quite works right on here, and no one really gave much of a shit about it. No shit, guys who spend half the year on these barges stock the galley with one cookpot, one small skillet, a spatula, soup ladle, 3 forks and knives, 4 spoons, and one fucking kitchen knife? Fucking savages. And it's worse for my partner this week, Big Chocolate. This was his barge for years, and the man can cook. The galley used to be stocked up with utensils and supplies. At some point all that carefully gathered equipment went over the side.
    My galley on the HQ is STACKED. I can cook anything there. Because we do cook anything there. I spend more time on the HQ than I do at home, so you fucking well better believe that I can turn some good food out, and to do that, you need... utensils.

 Yeah, it's not too much fun, cooking on here.  3 more days. Well, 31 more days, more precisely, but the last 28 will be done at my own place, where I know where everything is, and where shit gets fixed when it breaks.


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