Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Highlander on board

Someone didn't think out the ergonomics of the house here at HAWSEPIPER's afloat global HQ/house of pain. They put the common head directly opposite the galley table.

 So when I came out from having done some serious business in the head, kicked the door open and shouted "There can be only one!'  It caused something of a stink. Take that any way you will.

 Anyhow, The Newt, my opposite here on board, didn't bat an eyelash. He just sighed, put down a freshly opened bottle of water, looked at it a second and said "I don't want this anymore," and just went outside.


IRISH said...

I laughed :) Thanks for the visual sans scent-sual.

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked. Shocked, that there is a turd in this ....
(passes the money)