Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Let us rejoice! it's finally here!

Well, this is a fine, fine day, isn't it?  Today is Ash Wednesday, but to you non-Catholics out there, it's also a day to celebrate, too. You see, Carnival ended last night in Rio De Janeiro, and as we all know, I have a weakness for Brazilian women, and Carnival is when they take to the streets and be all in costumes and half-naked, or all naked, sometimes.

 And I've got the pictures to share, so here are a few safe for work pictures to get you started. More coming in the days and weeks ahead... especially in the next few days, as I want to drive up traffic, uh, share these pictures and the smiles they bring.So stay tuned. 2015 was incredibly hot in Brazil this year, which means that the costumes were kept to a glorious minimum.

 Disclaimer: As beautiful as these women are, I am happy that Inappropriately Hot Foreign Wife was never a samba dancer. The internet is forever, and so are photographs of all these bundas gostosas.


Anonymous said...

ah . . . brasil!

Anonymous said...

thank you