Tuesday, May 13, 2014

So this is 40

Well, crap. I turned 40. I should probably be reflective today. But, things are going well. 2 weeks from today I start the 1,500 mile drive to relocate my family to south Florida, home of the new house, tentatively titled "Heaven's Waiting Room" in honor of my neighbors, who are all fossils. My weight is managed and moving in the right direction (down). Unfortunately, my gut isn't as elastic as it once was, and looks a little funny, like a slightly deflated balloon, but I no longer make that 'oof' noise when I tie my shoes. Knees and ankles feel pretty good, no discomfort on walking in circles for my daily hour on deck.  All in all, it's OK.

 Still, I'm 40. Somewhere, there are kids needing to be told to get off my lawn. Maybe I'm feeling this because for the first time, I have a lawn. I dunno.


Anonymous said...

Well Happy Birthday!!!


jon spencer said...

When you get to Florida, you will be the kid on the lawn.

Borepatch said...

23 Skidoo, kid!