Monday, May 19, 2014

Last watch, so have some Brazilian gatas while you wait

I'm going home today. Should be on my way in about 8 more hours. I'm taking a little extra time off to manage the move and close down the Ant Farm in Massachusetts, to take up residence at Heaven's Waiting Room in south Florida.

 Been a hell of a roller coaster tour. Lots of work, some good visits from friends, a couple of very public bumps in the road, and lots of going back and forth with other people who were involved with the move and have a more relaxed attitude about deadlines than I do.

 Anyhow, I'm actually looking forward to getting in my truck and tuning out the world for a few hours. Well, in theory, anyhow. I have to drive through Connecticut, and those fatherless douchebags who work for CT's highway department always make it a trial by ordeal.

 Anyhow, to sooth the savage breast, Here's May's collection of Brazilian beauties for you to enjoy whilst I get my drive on.

"...and I can not lie"

She's 45 and has 3 kids. Them's some good genetics.

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