Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mine is the righteous fury

I'm really pissing myself off with the reading that I've been doing.
        Honestly, people are dumb. I'm no super genius for certain, but reading online articles and social media posts... there's so many examples of people taking proud ownership of dumb, dehumanizing and outright ignorant opinions... honest, I wish spellcheck never existed, so we could have some warning when a writer has a 3rd-grade education and the critical thinking skills of a goldfish. I hate the fact that I have to sometimes read 3- 4 sentences before I realize "Holy dogshit, this is retarded."  I resent highly having my time wasted and then going all

 And just as a little apology for making you read my verbal diarrhea (and I still didn't need spellcheck. Thank you Sister Thomas. You were a gnome in a penguin outfit, but you taught us well), here's a picture of Mr. Spock playing 'tune in Tokyo' with Ohura's life-affirming milk trucks.

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Bob said...

She is, of course, Uhura. It's an unwritten law that when one goes off on a rant about spelling and grammar, that at least one mistake will be made and not noticed.