Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pictures from St. Maarten 1

just a dreamy ride, having a dozen claustrophobic sweating sailors on a small plane, most of whom come from countries that don't emphasize personal hygiene.

Spanish-built tug. Rugged as hell, but, again, smells like a hamster cage vis a vis the crew.

loading dock for small (800-foot) ships.

Christmas day. Just feel the cheer!

having no dock to load barges is a lot cheaper to maintain that, say, having a dock. They just drag the end of the hose to you with a little boat. Self-serve.

St. Maarten at sunrise.

Home sweet home.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

i'd say i agree with anon there, but anon is WAY too verbose. i'll be original and succinct: i like the neth antilles fotos. thanks.

Tam said...

I dig the bridge-on-a-pole thing. I'd never seen that before. :)