Wednesday, July 4, 2012

No work today

We are anchored in Wilmington, DE, awaiting a fat-assed Chinese tanker to finish discharging in our berth before we queue up and take our turn sometime tomorrow. The cargo in our tanks is a brisk 90 degrees, and our decks are painted a lovely heat-absorbing red (to hide the blood and keep the gunners from spooking), so the deck temperature is juuuuuuuust hot enough to melt the soles of my sneakers.
This was the lowball reading. Our pipelines and tank domes (the lids of the tank) are pushing 150. Ergo, we are only going outside to do quick walk-arounds and to yell obscenities at the tug we're paired with.

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doubletrouble said...

Happy Independence Day lad.
Try to get up here to fire the cannon...