Saturday, July 7, 2012

boat ride

well, someone done goofed, because they changed their mind regarding our next cargo, so some poor sap is going to have to explain why they chartered us for two days to sail the entire way south down the Chesapeake Bay, only to have us bang a u-turn and return to Philadelphia when they changed their minds, a voyage of two days in which we went for a boat ride and did little more.

 Even in a tank vessel, the Chesapeake is a nice place to be despite the 135-degree temps of our empty cargo tanks. Very picturesque. We moored at a lay berth in Philadelphia, and today I get to load us down with grub and take Cowboy D to the doc-in-the-box occupational clinic so he can get his mandated Coast Guard Physical.

 Also, I harvested the first tomatoes from our midships garden. Two cherries and a beefsteak. With the elevated temps courtesy of hot cargo and hotter steel decks our 'maters are a bit wilted but thankfully the fruits don't taste like crude oil vapors.

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