Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Running away

When I was 10 years younger and oh-so single, it was a regular event when I'd say "Screw it, I'm road trippin' tomorrow." These days that sort of spontaneity just don't happen.

 But, apparently, sometimes it does. Tired of my pacing around the Ant Farm, apparently, Inappropriately Hot Foreign Wife urged me to go when a friend/former shipmate (superior officer, really) invited me up to Eastport Maine for a few days. Will, of Tugster fame will certainly be jealous.

 It's been a long time since I just jumped into my truck with minimal planning and drove the 350 miles of mostly back roads up that way. Insane fun will surely ensue.


HT said...

Have a good time Paul, sometimes boatman just need to just go! And the wives usually know this even though we are gone most of the time. Its called letting it loose!!!

tugster said...

i am jealous. oh, well . . . so many harbahs and so little time.

Bill Elms said...

Can anything ever top the Montreal road trip?