Tuesday, March 6, 2012


One of the best parts of my recent weight loss is that I don't groan every time I get up from tying my shoes. If I'm working while hunched over, my gut isn't jamming my diaphragm and trying to make me shit myself concurrently, either.

With the recent spate of rain however, came some hip pain, and that had me groaning when I would get up from my chair to poke around out on deck.

Seems kind of a shame. I no longer get full-body diaper rash if I spend the day in foul weather gear, but I do get the delightful feeling of ground glass in and around the bones on either side of my keister.


Anonymous said...

yeah, getting old sucks.

HT said...

Know what you mean Paul, good luck to you with losing weight. I felt a lot better after I took off 40lbs.Being only 5'7" and weighting 190 and over 50 was a little much for me, having to work a 130,000 bbls black oil barge.But when I took off the weight I felt a lot better. And I did not have to hear my partner laugh every watch change when I had to bend over and tie my work shoes, was well worth not having those calzones and pizzas we would make! Be safe and good luck. HT