Friday, February 24, 2012


Well today I finally gave the People's Republic of Massachusetts the last of the tax money I owed them for 2010- almost got taken over the phone too, for more.

Checkbook in hand, I called (three times) to give the Volksreich the last $1500 I owed them for the mortal sin of working out of state during 2010. But it went like this:

me: 'Hi. I'd like to pay off the balance I have for my 2010 personal income tax.'
they: "OK, could I have your social" blah blah blah.

they: "OK, Mr. B, I see you have a balance of $2200.00 and you want to pay that now, correct?"

me: "Um... no. It's 1500 from my 2010 taxes. Where did you get $2200.00?"

they: "From 2008."

me: "Huh? OK, I need you to mail me whatever you have on that so I can check it out. I'm on a boat right now and not at home, so I'd just like to close out my 2010 taxes. I can look over whatever you're trying to charge me when I get home in a few weeks."

they: "OK, well... OK, we'll let you pay off the 2010 balance."
me: "Mighty kind of you (sarc). I'd like to do an ACH debit from my checking account."

they: "OK, I need the routing number and account number of your account."

I give the ABA number and account number.

they: "OK, so that's $2208.64, and it will be charged to your account tomorrow"
me: "Wait! Shit, no. $1500! 2010 only please."
they: "But your balance is $2208.64, sir."
me: "and I'm giving you $1500 to avoid any more interest from last year. Remember? I said I would look at that later?"
they: "OK, but you still will owe penalties and interest if you don't pay that."
me: "Sure, but I have $1500 to give you. Unless you want to loan me $700, I'm giving you $1500.
they: "Wait."
(Muzak comes on).

and SCENE.

So, apparently Massachusetts is hiring salespeople from Gold's gym to give the hard sell. I have no problem paying legitimate taxes, but 'because I said so' isn't enough for me to willingly fork over my cash without actually looking to see if I owe more money, because everyone knows that tax assessors NEVER make mistakes.

Anyhow, my day is shot.


Bill Elms said...

WA state has no income tax, a small price to pay for all the rain

Mike said...

Ha ha ha! "salespeople from Gold's gym"