Tuesday, June 21, 2011

ramping up

With 2 weeks to go before the family B slips the surly bonds of Assachusetts and heads to Brazil for some R&R, we're weathering almost daily crises. Today's nightmare happened when Inappropriately Hot Foreign Wife awoke to discover that she had no appropriate scarves for Brazil's winter, where temperatures can plunge to a bone-chilling 79 degrees at night.
Scarves. Scarves caused me a panicked phone call during my precious sleep time this morning. This reminded me of the great bra crisis of 2009, when, apparently we were on the brink of disaster last time she went to Brazil and almost forgot to replace her wardrobe of unmentionables. Luckily, by putting off the purchases of luxuries such as milk, bread and car payments, I was able to return things to normalcy before the revolution started and the necessary supplies were stored.
Not to say that even the scarves are a wasted purchase. The economic recovery from the great bra crisis was swift and steady, and in hindsight, extra hot great, pretty much. I don't foresee much in the way of value added hotness in scarves, but it is nice having my wife look stylish.


Anonymous said...

Victorias Secret Mail Order - works every time!

PISSED said...

Enjoy Brazil.. and please post some pics of the local assets ;)